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Wendy Ide Williams

The paintings offer a way of locating places and spaces that are a longing for a home in a way that challenge actuality. The process is grounded in building safety for the misfit part of my soul and mind and finding a spiritual root source. Painting creates an opportunity to look for and seek identity in a world that has been less than assured yet allows for odd juxtapositions and sometimes misappropriated things to occur together and merge. Home represents the feeling of finding belonging. Sometimes the picture creates the divide that keeps me from this, and sometimes it conjures an aspect of questioning what this identity means. There are aspects of all the questions that arise as the longing for home is a longing for grounding. The space in the painting also reflects on an energetic level, the futility of ever really knowing what landscape can contain anything but infinite and continual search for refuge.

Construction of the painting is based first on expanding the origins of energy that exist in nature. Secondly it is a result and in thought based on representations of both deep cellular structure in chemical reactions. Finally it reflects the anatomy and botany of humans, animals and plants. There is a focus on what happens when they meet. Awareness extends to seeking out the origins of memory, where science ends and the unseen and unmet find themselves in another playing field. The experiences are bound by the picture plane, but do not necessarily obey well.